Jun 15, 2022

by The [e-spres-oh] Team

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We’ve recently celebrated a decade of [e-spres-oh], with all the challenges and transformations that shaped who we are today. More than a significant milestone, our 10th anniversary year is also a pivotal moment in our journey. We’re not only celebrating our history but pushing it forward into the next decade(s), ready to start anew with even greater energy.

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of [e-spres-oh] by Softbinator Technologies, a Romanian software development company specializing in designing, developing, and launching innovative products for local and international clients.

[e-spres-oh] will thus become part of the Softbinator group of companies, consisting of several top players in software development, product design, and product marketing. For us, it’s a huge opportunity to expand our network and increase our capacity while keeping [e-spres-oh]’s organizational structure intact and further pursuing the values that define us. At a management level, Daniel Markovits will remain in charge of [e-spres-oh]’s business development strategy, in his role as CEO.

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[e-spres-oh] has recently turned a decade, a result of all the opportunities and challenges we’ve taken throughout the years. Together with Softbinator, we’ll be able to leverage our experience and software development expertise to build more impactful products, both for our team and our clients. We are committed to growing while staying true to the values that make [e-spres-oh] an innovative company and a unique workplace.

Daniel Markovits, CEO of [e-spres-oh]

Between 2019 and 2021, under the ownership of Alpine Consolidated, [e-spres-oh] managed to establish itself in the US market, taking on several long-term projects that continue to this day. We’ve already teamed up with Softbinator and started working on other exciting products for US clients – the first of many more to follow as we’re eager to explore our newly maximized potential.

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[e-spres-oh] is one of the most renowned software development companies in Timisoara, Romania. We’re excited about this opportunity to expand regionally and increase the power of Softbinator’s delivery services for international clients.

Besides [e-spres-oh]’s software development expertise, our new colleagues are already present in the US market, which offers us a significant advantage in consolidating the group’s position in this market. Throughout the years, Softbinator has intensified its presence on the West Coast, in Silicon Valley. Together with [e-spres-oh], we will also start delivering services on the East Coast, especially in New York and Washington, D.C.. The fact that we share a very similar organizational culture will allow us to advance our multi-brand strategy and expand what we already call the Softbinator Group.

Discussions with the company’s shareholders began in November 2021, and we’ve built step-by-step plans to turn [e-spres-oh] into an even stronger company after this acquisition. After [e-spres-oh] is integrated into the group, we will pursue the further development of the team at a regional level through organic growth and the acquisition of other companies in the area.

Daniel Ilinca, Founder and CEO of Softbinator Technologies

It is an honor to be working alongside Softbinator Technologies’ talented team of developers and designers, with whom we share a clear mission to build excellent software products and foster continuous learning and innovation. Their deep interest in research and development and their involvement in education inspires us, and it’s part of what brings us together.

We’re also confident that our similar company culture and solid working principles will serve as a lynchpin for an outstanding partnership in which we’ll grow and thrive as a team. Joining forces with more than 100 (!) new colleagues from all over the country, we feel we’ve never been as fresh as we are today, in our 10th year in tech.

We raise our cups once more, this time in celebration of our shared journey and the promising new beginning it has laid out for us.

Now let our powers combine!

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