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What Makes Us Unique

When [e-spres-oh] delivers a finished project, it’s not only a testament to our technical expertise—it also demonstrates the value of our flexible, collaborative workflow for our customers.

Take a look at a few succesful projects we’ve brewed for clients around the world.
[e-spres-oh] has been instrumental in the success that SponsorUnited has achieved in year one. Their dev team built our core product. They are all very dedicated, easy to work with, and deliver on-time with very high quality. Overall I could not be happier and I highly recommend them!”
Alain Benzaken
COO, SponsorUnited
[e-spres-oh] was a vital partner in helping us rebuild a newly acquired product and move it to the cloud. They always communicate thoroughly and bring sound technical solutions to complex problems.”
Charles Dodson
Director of Product, Talent Inc.
“If you like coffee, you think of espresso. If you’re in IT, you should learn about [e-spres-oh]. For UnifiedPost, [e-spres-oh] stands for expertise, flexibility and drive-to-deliver. That’s why we recently prolonged our partnership!”
Tom Van Acker
General Manager, UnifiedPost
“[e-spres-oh] was unbelievably helpful to me when I needed a development team. They knew exactly what I wanted, and they developed my application to meet all of my needs. The project team was easy to work with, and I would highly recommend [e-spres-oh] to anyone and everyone looking for a team of great developers.”
Kelly Mitchell
Principal, ImpactHR, LLC
United States
SponsorUnited chose [e-spres-oh] to design and implement an intelligent platform enabling brands to identify opportunities to advertise during sports competitions, based on data that can predict better outcomes.
  • [e-spres-oh] became the software development department of SponsorUnited. Our common goal was to create a digital platform for brands to connect, launch, and measure sponsorships in a smart, scalable way.
  • [e-spres-oh] assembled a team of four developers and one designer to develop a high-performance database search engine. We started by building a fast prototype and providing the initial version of the product. We then transformed historical data previously managed in spreadsheets into a web platform, where clients can login and leverage information to scale their business.
  • The development and design of an intelligent and efficient sponsorship platform used daily by agencies and properties worldwide to better target audiences, gain exposure to sponsorship opportunities and manage advertising campaigns more effectively.
Technologies used:
  • Cutting-edge Angular 2
Background image of SponsorUnited websiteForeground image of SponsorUnited website
UnifiedPost, a major European software development company, teamed up with [e-spres-oh] to infuse technology into companies’ day-to-day document processing activities.
  • [e-spres-oh] provided a team to develop and improve a digital product that can reduce the complexity of business processes, from sending electronic invoices to using automated accounting services.
  • [e-spres-oh] tailor-made a team of eight developers and two designers to collaborate with UnifiedPost’s in-house programmers. Together we built and designed a smart, trusted, and secure document processing system. More precisely, [e-spres-oh] accelerated the development process and provided training for Unifiedpost’s team for enhanced performance.
  • The implementation was carried out in a smooth, rapid manner. SME and corporate clients now exchange information digitally thanks to Unifiedpost’s and [e-spres-oh]’s joint effort.
Technologies used
  • Ruby, Angular
Backgroud snapshot of code for UnifiedpostForeground image of Unifiedpost website
United States
Auto Europe
Auto Europe, the global leader in international car rental services, chose [e-spres-oh] to design and implement a dedicated, easy-to-use mobile app, to help travelers find the perfect rental vehicle for their trips. After 60 years of offering car rentals in more than 20,000 locations in over 180 countries worldwide, AutoEurope chose [e-spres-oh]’s expertise to bring their clients' experience to the next level.
  • [e-spres-oh] assembled a cross-functional product team of product owners, business analysts, UX designers, front-end and back-end developers to work closely with Auto Europe’s product management team, in order to define the core functionalities of the mobile app.
  • [e-spres-oh] conducted a discovery phase to explore the existing systems of Auto Europe. We started by closely examining the car rental business and Auto Europe’s market share and positioning. We researched trends and drafted an information architecture based on insights and statistics. This led to building a high fidelity prototype for user testing.
  • With the proof of concept backend system at hand, we continued to investigate and de-risk technical blind spots. Using technologies such as Java, Maria DB, and Docker AWS, [e-spres-oh] created a backend API, to shield the mobile app from the complex systems involved in the car rental process.
Technologies used
  • Java, Maria DB, Docker AWS
Background snapshot of code for Auto EuropeForeground mobile version image of Auto Europe
United States
ImpactHR, a high-end DC-based HR consultancy firm, chose [e-spres-oh] to build a performance management platform from scratch in order to enable players in the industry to fast-track performance reviews and annual evaluations. The software solution also helps teams across companies to set goals and stay aligned.
  • [e-spres-oh] served as ImpactHR’s in-house tech department, closely working with the founder and early-adopter users to define the software solution, build a product roadmap, and establish priorities that would serve both HR consultants and their clients. Our mutual goal was to create a digital platform that would enable incremental check-ins while eliminating the complexity of other third-party HR software tools.
  • [e-spres-oh] brought together a team of five developers and a UX/UI designer to develop a high-performance MVP, including a goal-setting feature that allows users to set milestones and chat via comments. The [e-spres-oh] team worked closely with ImpactHR during the Discovery Phase to define the app's functionality and user interface, resulting in a clickable prototype.
  • [e-spres-oh] delivered an engaging PMP platform that helps HR agencies bring value to their clients while managing performance reviews and evaluations more effectively. With a clean design and user-friendly features, the HighFive platform helps companies keep their teams motivated.
Technologies used
  • API - Laravel, MySQL; Frontend - React, MobX
Background image of IndiaMike websiteForeground mobile version image of IndiaMike website
United States
Climate & Capital Media
Climate & Capital Media chose [e-spres-oh] to design and implement a news and business intelligence platform.
  • [e-spres-oh] became the development department of Climate & Capital Media. Our common goal was to create a digital platform where investors, entrepreneurs, climate scientists, policymakers and journalists can connect and get their latest news from a reliable source.
  • [e-spres-oh] allocated a team of two developers and one UX/UI designer to build and design from scratch a digital platform, including a web directory and a future paywall functionality. We started by proposing a bold design concept that would enhance the brand, with a highly-customized Wordpress layout for premium content. The frontend and backend developers turned the prototype into a user-friendly news and business intelligence platform.
  • In three months, we developed and designed an expansive, data-informed digital platform, meant to enable a global network of writers, academics, business owners and investment insiders to engage on climate-related business ideas.
Technologies used
  • PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, CSS, JavaScript
Background image of Climate & Capital Media websiteForeground mobile version image of Climate & Capital Media website
United States
Talent Inc
Talent Inc, a global marketplace bringing together resume writers and individuals seeking to grow their professional brand, chose [e-spres-oh] to build a tech solution that enabled its customers to save time job hunting and reach millions of employers and recruiters daily.
  • [e-spres-oh] was tasked to develop and design a complex programming architecture that would automatically post resumes on 60+ job boards.
  • [e-spres-oh]’s custom product development team leveraged a mix of technologies to automate manual processes for interaction with 60+ third party systems that didn't offer resume integration support. With out-of-the-box thinking, our senior-level engineers and designers managed to overcome engineering challenges, set-up the infrastructure and finalize the product in record time.
  • In just 5 months, [e-spres-oh] provided a solid, fully-functional solution that reduces expenditures for manual support and maintenance costs. The complimentary service helped Talent Inc expand its market and grow their business full cycle.
Technologies used
  • Laravel/PHP and Angular/TypeScript
Background snapshot of code for Talent IncForeground image of Talent Inc website

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