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Fueling end-to-end programming solutions
for your complex digital projects

Fueling end-to-end programming solutions
for your complex digital projects

Digital Solutions
From Bean to Brew

Since 2012, [e-spres-oh] grew from a small team of eager programmers working out of a coffee shop on a single software project, into a well-established company, with dozens of software products developed for clients worldwide.

Now, [e-spres-oh] has several teams of talented, senior-level coders and UX designers ready to bring energy, experience and commitment to your projects. Give your digital challenge a shot of [e-spres-oh].


How We Bring Your Product to Life

We dive deep into your digital challenge.

We kick start every software engagement by fully understanding your project’s needs, identifying risks, and mapping out a plan to reduce them.

There is no challenge we can’t solve.

As your technology partner, we will create an initial prototype and walk you through building the minimum viable product (MVP) to launching the most lovable product.

We build it together, we grow it together.

We’ll always be dedicated advocates of your product. We’ll help you stay ahead of the market through continuous innovation to grow your business.

Elan Blutinger

Chairman & CEO

Board Member

Marcel Barbulescu


Board Member

Daniel Markovits

Director of Engineering

Raluca Popa

Director of Client Services

Alexandra Chifor

Operations Manager

Jan Rosenberg

Board Member

Mike Sands

Board Member

Hasan Dosal

Board Member

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Looking for the energy to get your product to the finish line? Choose [e-spres-oh] to fuel your next project.


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If you prefer a more laid back approach, there are a myriad of ways to contact us:

1440 G St NW
Washington, DC 20005
Engineering Office:
3 Enrico Carusso St
Timisoara, Romania
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