Feb 26, 2021

by The [e-spres-oh] Team

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We are taking part in what’s been called ‘the largest remote working experiment’ and, as a result, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of getting work done. While for some businesses remote working is common practice, for many others it has been a complete game-changer. Fast forward a year since the global shift to remote work and interesting findings are beginning to surface: the reimagined work environment turned out to be a success for several industries, as IT finds itself at the forefront of productivity. 

Are we surprised to learn this? Well, not really. We’re already convinced remote work is a win-win, and we want to help you benefit from it.

Tech, at the forefront of productivity

Let’s start with the facts. According to a PwC survey conducted in late 2020, on 133 executives and 1200 office workers, remote work has been an overwhelming success for both employers and employees.

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83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been a success for their company. That's a lot of employers! The same survey reveals that over half of employees (55%) say they’d prefer to continue working at least three days a week remotely.

Additionally, Harvard Business School (HBS) asked 1800 Americans from both small and large companies if they think remote work will continue long after the pandemic and 16% said yes. The Ivy League institution concluded that industries relying on a highly educated workforce observed less productivity loss due to the transition to remote work. The HBS study shows that Information and technology firms stayed productive, while the food and transportation industries can’t say the same. Moreover, it turns out that administrative support and realtors also thrive remotely. 

Curious as to what led to this?

Benefits of working with remote teams

Having a global team equates to growth for companies, as remote work often requires outgrowing state and continental barriers. What’s even more exciting is that, while options are limitless, risks can remain limited.

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Hiring remotely gives employers the opportunity to access talent from anywhere while simultaneously saving money on office rent. When it comes to collaborating with external remote teams: the recruitment process becomes easier, expertise becomes broader, turnarounds become faster, and costs become easier to control. 

The facts also add up for employees. At an individual level, exposure to different cultures, languages, and timezones broadens one’s horizons while providing a refreshing change of working scenery. Consequently, the entire setup can change from “work from home” to “work-from-anywhere.” The bottom line: having the freedom to choose where to work leads to a boost in both productivity and creativity. 

It’s not all that surprising, isn’t it?

Why the IT world stayed remote and productive

Let’s have a closer look at what makes IT one of the industries least affected by the complete shift to remote work. In our case, we’ve been juggling office work with remote work since day one. At the end of the day, we named ourselves [e-spres-oh] after starting our very first project out of a coffee shop. We are naturally trained and equipped for a complete transition to a virtual office.

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Methodologies such as Agile and Scrum are embedded in our work culture. This has served us well, as we’ve already had a precise set of procedures in place to help us effectively attend to our clients’ needs. Working in cross-functional, self-organizing teams of programmers and UX/UI designers has proved to be yet another ace up our sleeve.

Yet, there is another key ingredient to all this. No, it isn’t coffee, but that sure helps keep our energy level way up. Any guesses?

Proven energy boosters to lift your team’s mood

Remote work can sometimes feel isolating, even more so in the socially distant world shaped by the pandemic. We decided that we won’t let each other get the blues, so we dedicated ourselves to trying every trick in the book to make sure we lift our mood with daily energy boosters. Besides staying connected through internal communication tools such as Slack and Facebook Workplace, we’ve organized weekly Demo sessions that give everyone the opportunity to take the stage and talk about their professional or personal interests. We’re great listeners, but even better storytellers, and we never miss the chance to squeeze in a call for a trivia party, a fun video game session, or just for some friendly banter. We’ve even started – and completed! – our very own Work[in] Challenge, to help everyone on our team get energized and fight indoor routine, awarding them with some cool prizes for really making an effort.

We’re aware that remote work will stop for many businesses once the pandemic is over, while others will decide to keep practicing it. All in all, one thing’s for sure – if something works, then why change it? For us, the ability to work remotely has always led to a  highly productive work environment, and we’re sure our clients can attest to that. 

There, we’ve told you our secrets; now it’s your turn to share yours. We’re all ears and ready to help you be a winner in the new reality of remote work.

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