Oct 22, 2019

by The [e-spres-oh] Team

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On October 3rd and 4th, revo.js conjured the changing power of JavaScript in Timisoara, Romania — one of Eastern Europe’s hubs of developers. And, you can bet we were all ecstatic! As the first-ever JavaScript conference in Timisoara, revo.js was much needed and awaited, fulfilling the local community's need for an environment in which JS enthusiasts could assimilate international know-how and bounce ideas. No wonder almost 300 JS enthusiasts gathered under one roof.

The conference was organized by tim.js with the help of BanatIT, and the core team included several members from [e-spres-oh], as well as from other local software companies. What’s more, since one of our lead JS developers is a co-founder of revo.js, we were in full swing at [e-spres-oh].

After two full days of tech-focused talks, filled with thought-provoking ideas and networking opportunities, Andrei Pfeiffer shared what this conference meant to him and, it’s safe to say, to the entire community:

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revo.js wasn’t what I expected. It was what I’ve always envisioned.

Andrei Pfeiffer, co-founder of revo.js, lead JS developer at [e-spres-oh]

Are you ready to find out what went down at the conference? Well, we are ready to share our experience and some fun statistics about the typing game-challenges participants tried out at our premium sponsor corner.

revo.talks that had us at “JavaScript”

When we said two-full days filled with tech-focused talks, we really meant it. revo.js gathered 16 presentations, every 30 minutes long delivered by 17 speakers from 12 different corners of the world and companies such as Microsoft, Financial Times, Cypress.io, Progress, Auth0, and Stripe, to name a few.

A quarter of our developers’ team was at the forefront of the conference, taking in every word of JavaScript wisdom and debating their favorite talks and subjects with other JS enthusiasts.

Some presentations were pure-tech, tackling topics such as browser rendering performance, authentication, Web Components, XSS attacks, or accessibility, while others touched upon multidisciplinary subjects, for example, cartography and open source.

Did our developers pick sides? Actually, not. Our developers had the right amount of inspiration they needed between the fun facts and in-depth tech exploration. But they did point out some favorites speakers who had them at “JavaScript” when they spoke.

Some of our developers were motivated by Jennifer Wadella’s talk about accessibility and Alex Moldovan’s presentation on browser rendering performance, while others were hooked on Sebastian Witalec’s talk exploring AI chatbots.

Further on, Martin Hochel’s real state of Web Components analysis and his fun live coding moment had everybody on the edge of their seats. Of course, Gleb Bahmutov’s pro-bono initiative of renting his JS skills to help reverse climate change had us inspired and prompted us to join in on the movement.

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I couldn’t wait to see Gleb Bahmutov’s presentation. He offered good insights into good end-to-end testing and encouraged us to forget about strict paradigms and instead write tests that make sense for our apps.

Valerian Munteanu, Software Developer, [e-spres-oh]

The most memorable talk that had all of our developers resonating with was Raluca Nicola’s guide to cartography.

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Raluca Nicola’s talk was revealing, as it proved that data visualization can better confirm but also dispel certain biases, changing our perception of insights we believed to be indisputably true.

Gabi Lazar, Software Developer, [e-spres-oh]

As all good things must come to an end, Kenneth Auchenberg wrapped up the conference with an insightful talk about “DevTools for the decade to come.’’ As we reflect on the new insight we have gained, we can all agree that we left pondering on where development and automation will go in the near future.

Changing the idea behind how a sponsor corner should look like

When planning the revo.js [e-spres-oh] flavored experience, our goal was to create a fun, engaging activity that demonstrated our “great energy” company culture, but also revo.js’s main credo, that “Change is the only const.”

Our idea was a simple yet highly addictive game that challenged our participants to test their typing speed. The twist? They were to do so on keyboards with changed layouts. No QWERTY for you. Oh no!

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Building the game for revo.js was a good opportunity to learn Angular, which is not a framework I usually use, and to manage an entire project from zero to hero. Plus, it was fun.

Sorin Guga, Software Developer, [e-spres-oh]

Our very own developers coded the game from scratch, while one of our designers put his unique touch on the game’s visuals. To create the full experience, we even built wooden cabinets, inspired by the good-old arcade games. Then, it was game on!

Stats or it didn’t happen

On your mark, get set, type! It is safe to say, we were very excited to see everyone’s reactions. Our two-arcade game-stations challenged players with four different keyboard layouts and gathered a total of 620 rounds played by the 206 conference participants. Each keyboard layout accounted for approximately 150 games, with an average return rate among players of 15%. And if you were among the 15% player who came back to play another round, we have good news for you. We are planning to make the game open-source, but more on that when the time comes.

Since our leaderboard only allowed 3-letter names as a tribute to old arcade game designs, we would like to congratulate FLF, BOC, and FOX for their “mad-typing” skills. This one goes out to you, fast humans, whoever you are! We’re glad we were able to provide a fun break for all the participants at the conference.

All fueled up on JavaScript until revo.js episode 2

We heard rumors that revo.js will make a second appearance next year, and we’re pumped! What other shenanigans will our developers come up with? We have no idea ourselves, but it’s guaranteed to be something twistedly fun. As for the tech part of revo.js, we’re confident that next year’s line-up will be as amazing as this year’s, or perhaps even better?

So, until next year, we’ll keep on changing and fueling the local and international tech space with more exciting innovation. We hope you will too.

Photo credits: revo.js

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